An innovative online tutoring project focusing on math support

The Project

Menttores is a project designed to provide free, individualized support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds that have struggled most with COVID-19.

In this video you can see a summary of the project explained by its participants: students, families and mentors (6 mins. approx).

With a high impact in students from disadvantaged backgrounds


Menttores improved maths scores, reduced grade repetition, and raised the aspirations of students to continue studying.

Student characteristics
Education profile

27% of students had repeated grade at least once.

Household income

42% live in of households with a monthly income of less than 1000 euro.


46% of children have an immigrant background.

Household level of education

52% of children have parents who have attained lower secondary school at most.

Math Results

Increase of end-of-year math grades by 17% and increase in the standardized test also by 17%.

Satisfaction with school

Students show an increase in their satisfaction with school by 7%.

Grade repetition

Grade repetition decreases by 75%.

Student aspirations

The probability of continuing study (academic track) increases by 31%.

Evaluated with an innovative methodology in education research

The Project / Evaluation

Menttores follows an experimental research strategy (RCT) to measure the impact on results in a rigorous way.

Participating students were selected through a lottery from the pool of all applicants to the program.

Students who were not selected for participation constituted the control group. Outcomes were measued before and after the program both for participants and non-participants.

We compared results of students and families of the intervention and control group.

Menttores in the media


Las tutorías online aumentan más de un 30% la probabilidad de aprobar matemáticas.

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Un experimento en España muestra que las tutorías suben un 30% los aprobados en matemáticas.

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What participants say about Menttores

It was very useful for pupils to get personalised attention and help with their schoolwork. Sometimes pupils couldn´t cope with math by themselves. The help from the mentors made a huge difference

Math teacher at the school

She didn’t “just” make my daughter like maths. Now she wants to do her homework. She wants to study. She gets up at 5am to revise for exams. She’s more confident and has a better attitude. She is self-confident